Sunday, March 18, 2012


Blake and Hunter participated in the WDM Youth Chess Tournament on Sat. Blake came away with a 5th place trophy. Hunter got 6th but no trophy. Here is Blake with his chess table.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Hunter's a Poet

by Hunter

I am athletic and artistic.

I wonder what will happen later in my life.

I hear the umpire say, "Out!"

I see things changing all the of the time.

I want to be a major league baseball player
 or an NFL football player.

I am good at math and science.

I pretend that I am a major league baseball player
 when I pitch or get up to bat.

I feel good when I hit the ball or make an out.

I touch the seams of a baseball.

I worry that I will die.

I cried when my grandpa died.

I say "blue 42 red 17 set hike!"

I dream of good things.

I try to be nice to my brother.

I hope I will be a sports hero.

I am a baseball player.


Sunday, March 11, 2012

Where in the world are the Underwoods?

Blake's wrestling season ended yesterday with a 7th place win in the Grade School State Tournament. He was very excited as this is the first year he has placed.
After the tournament he showered and got right back in the car to go to a barbecue with his baseball team buddies. Baseball season is now underway.
A side note, they opened Glen Oaks Golf Course on Friday this year. Earliest start ever. Hunter is fired up as he is planning to be on the Jr. Golf team this year.
Summer is has already started here in Iowa.

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