Mother's Day on Friday

They wanted to know what I wanted for Mother's Day.  I asked for lunch downtown with my kids. We went to Lucca's in the East Village across the river from downtown Des Moines. Apart from all of their usual companions, I was able to see who they really are. Delightful. Refreshing. Lively and enthusiastic. Lucca's was a delight as well. Modern Italian, my salad was made with mixed greens, cucumber, carrot, tomato, chicken and bacon shreds with a feta-creamy parmesan dressing. Mostly, I feasted on my beautiful children :)

Landon is 8!

Well, not quite yet.  This year his birthday falls on Mother's Day so celebrations have been rearranged to accommodate everyone. The "big party" will happen today at an indoor playground with friends.

Prom 2018

It's Hunter.  Getting polished up for the prom. His dad is making the finishing touches.
 Hunter and his date. I don't know her name. Yet.  He took her to Glen Oaks' Clubhouse for dinner. After dinner, they danced at the Iowa Event Center and attended the After-Party at Valley High School.

Landon's First Communion

Our church practices the habit of teaching 7-year-olds about communion and celebrating their first communion on Maundy Thursday. At a teaching retreat with their parents prior to the big day, the children bake the bread that will be used in the service. Landon is second from the left in the first row.

Dreams of ATVs

Blake's big wish for spring break in Arizona was to ride an ATV through cactus sand...

OK, Consider it done!

A Night Out in Arizona

Amy and Dave are out on the town alone! Can they be trusted? They say the weather is perfect and the air is clean. Meanwhile, Spring Break is snowing in Iowa and we are babysitting their fish.

Blake's Hero

Joel Shapiro is Blake's study buddy and wrestling inspiration.  He won the First Place IHSAA medal in his 182 lb. weight class.
He won it last year, too.
He's Blake's #1 hero.