Tuesday, August 21, 2012

First Day of School and Dave's Birthday

Happy Birthday Dave! 

We are celebrating Dave's Birthday by starting school and then going straight to football practice.

Here are the boys waiting for the bus.

We also received Hunter's try out scores from Sunday.  They are below.  Wow he throws a 67 mph fastball now!

Fastball Arm Strength
Ball Exit Speed
Home to 1st
Home to 3rd
Transition out of glove Speed
Hitting Evaluation
Groundball Evaluation
running seconds
running seconds
Based on a 5pt Scale
Based on a 5pt Scale

Monday, August 20, 2012

Big Sports News!

Hunter Underwood tried out for the Sticks 12U Major Baseball Team yesterday and MADE it!!!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

They're Shooting Off Rockets...

Adam and Kim make 'em and send 'em off...I don't know how the rockets work
 but maybe the Jerdees can supply the answers if you ask 'em.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

New Sport

Along with golf the boys added a new sport to their portfolio this summer.  Swimming.

Before August of this year, swimming was something you did to retreive the basketball in the pool when you missed a shot or something you did to get to the bottom of the pool to get the ring or mostly the thing you did to get away from your brother.

This year it actually became a sport.  The boys took lessons at the Glen Oaks pool with the swim team instructors this year.  It didn't hurt to have the Olympics to watch at night so they could see what they were learning in action. 

They will be joining the swim team next summer so they can compete with kids from the other private clubs in the area.  It is like the Jr Golf program where they got to play the top 6 courses in Iowa.  They will swim at other clubs to compete.

Here they are with their instructor on the last day of lessons.  I thought football was hard to photograph. This is just impossible!

Getting instructions.  It was 65 degrees that morning so the instructor was shivering under her towel.

Blake practicing his Dolphin kick.  He really got it near the end.

Swimming back and forth.  This was the butterfly.

Hunter's favorite was the butterfly.  He has very strong upper arms to he could move pretty fast that way.

Hunter up close.

Blake doing his diving dive. 

Friday, August 10, 2012


Landon earns zoo tickets by reading books at the library.
This year his guest was Hunter. 

It's the didgeredoo from Australia...

A new zoo accession: Penguins.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Jr. Golfer at Glen Oaks

Hunter participated in the Jr. Golf program at Glen Oaks this summer.  This weekend was the final weekend.  He ended the program 3rd in the 9 hole boys competition Thursday morning.  He also earnned 28 points ($28) to spend in the Pro Shop.  He has been shopping for a couple weeks trying to decide what he going to get with his prize money.

This is the awards ceremony on Sunday night at the club.  On Sunday before the awards ceremony, we had a parent-child competition.  Dave and Hunter were a team and Blake and Amy were a team.  We did not place, but we had a great time.  See us below having fun.

Sometimes it was a lot like being at the beach.

 Amy happy she survived and greatful for theperfect weather.

 Here Dave is teeing off.

 Blake taking a few practice swings.

Here we are in our golf cart just getting started.

After the golf event we decided to go to the pool.  We invited a few friends to come along.  It was also the end of the baseball season for Blake's Mustangs.  They had a little pool party.  All ten of his team mates were able to make it.  Here they are getting ready for some Olympic-style races and playing some water basketball.

Great way to end the busy part of summer.  For the next two weeks we plan to spend a lot of time relaxing, swimming and hanging out.  Then Football Season Starts!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Little Drummer

Newest toy at Nana's~~castenets on a steel-drum trash can.
He dances to his own beat!!