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Happy Easter, Everyone!


Images of Egypt and Jordan (via New York)

Well, we are almost over the jetlag and figured it was time to get some pictures on the blog from our trip to New York, Egypt and Jordan. The trip was fantastic and we had a lot of fun. We highly recommend travel to Egypt as it extremely safe. The government protects the tourism industry with a passion and the locals are very friendly. The images were kept small to ease the load time, click on a picture to see the large version.

Times Square on the first night.

Kosovo declares independence and the entire nation is in Times Square to celebrate.

Lady Liberty

On the Today Show

The Bull on Wall Street

The Nile in Cairo at night. This is the view from our hotel while we stayed in Cairo. Note the heavy traffic.

The same picture during the day.

The insane traffic in Cairo. The drivers are constantly honking at eachother, long into the night.

The obligatory camel ride at the pyramids.

The Sphinx and the "Second Pyramid".

Our Nile cruise boat, the M/S Tulip. She took us from Aswan to Luxor.

Two …

Kim and Adam back from Egypt

This is just a brief post to let everyone know we made it back from Egypt just fine on Sunday evening. We still need to sort through the many pictures we took from New York, Egypt and Jordan. I will also give a better idea of the many exciting things we saw and did while on our whirlwind journey. It was a very exciting trip but we are weary after the 12 plane flights and several long bus rides and glad to be home.

Kim and Adam