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Hunter and Blake's Halloween

They Decorated....

They played games....

They waited............

They begged for candy!

They visited Adam and Kim.

Mom and dad helped them celebrate.

Blake helps out

To get ready for Blake's First Communion next Sunday he got to help out in a service. The girl he shadowed said, "he did a good job and was very strong. He probably could have carried the cross by himself."

In the same service Hunter sang in the chior.

for Hunter and Blake

At your request, I took a walk down the river outside my hotel and took some photos for you. These are the tower parking ramps outside the House of Blues. Below is the marina.

The Chicago Triune is the white building in the middle of this picture.

This is the House of Blues. There is no longer a House of Blues Hotel - it has been changed to something else.

This is Harry Caray's. Have Daddy tell you about that.

This is the view down the river from my hotel.

This is the building Fultons is in.

This is the Opera House.

This is the Metra train station. Mommy worked on the 26th floor of this building for 9 years.

This is just a nice view down the river.

This is the Merchandise Mart. Merchandisers come here to show their new products to owners of stores. These items are then sold in stores to you and me.

The shiny building is the new Trump tower.

This is the L train. The train runs all over the city to help people get around. There are thousands of people trying to get around all the time. There…

The Boys visit Chicago

The trip started at 7 am at the farm....

and ended at 2 pm in the city. What a contrast.

We spent a day at the Shedd Aquarium where we saw 6000 fish and watched a movie about the Planet Earth. The highlight were the special effects like having your legs tickled by fake rats and snakes and being spit on by various animals.

The next day we went to the Field Museum. The highlight was, of course, Sue. We arrived at 9 am (3rd people in line) and left as they closed up shop. We went through every exhibit though some we just breifly skimmed. We learned more in one day then our brains could absorb. Hunter's favorite fact was that a storm becomes a Hurricane at 74 mph. Blake learned that T Rexes really aren't that big. He kinda of thought he may have been able to take Sue.

Finally, we did a little tour of the city cruising by the Wrigley Field where we learned, Blake's favorite Major League baseball team was the White Sox! He should have said something about 71 blocks sooner. We ate …