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All Better Now

Last Christmas, when the Underwoods were here, my Phillipe Starcke Bubble Sofa broke. I didn't know what to do about it then. Last Wednesday, I finally pulled the sofa to the curb (it was time to let go  and do something would cost $2,000 to replace it). The trash truck gobbled it up as if it were a toy....I shouldn't have looked.
Using what we have in the backyard, I filled the empty sofa space with three blue pots of ferns and tucked the two remaining Bubble Chairs together under the shade. Tea for two. If company comes for s'mors, we can pull four chairs away from the nearby outdoor dining table to circle the hibachi grill we'll set upon the coffee table.

Update from Stan: "At least we have our memories," he said as he sent me the photo below.
It was taken last Easter when he and Virg came for dinner. I'm so glad to have this picture :)
Such a nice brother.


The folks are lining up at Home Depot today... I went there to see if there was something to spruce up our entry...