Sunday, September 27, 2009

Does it get better after 8?

Blake came home this morning after his big night. This is what he did before heading off to church.

Anyone who is wondering since we all know Blake is torn between being a White Sox and a Twin's fan, Blake's nickname is Jeterbug. His baseball coach will be impressed with Grandpa Al's gift at practice next week.

These are the buddies that gave him all this stuff. They are planning a big Nerf gun competition. I wonder who will have to host that one.
It was a wonderful party. 24 - 8 year old boys and no incidents! Amazing. A couple didn't quite make the picture - maybe next time.

Blake is Eight

Blake's birthday is really September 24 but he celebrated with his gang of 24 baseball players on Saturday, September 26. The venue was Incredible Pizza--a big emporium of games, go-carts and a pizza buffet. Perfect for a gang of eight-year-olds and parents who need help hosting them all! My camera couldn't reach into the dark recesses of the game place so you're looking at just a few shots carved out of the dining room and a run up the go-cart ramp.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Thanks for the Cache, Linda!

Mr. Moneybags and I thank you for contributing to our project. Hunter recently received your generous donation of foreign currency so we have a date this Saturday for stitching up the rest of his money pouches and sorting through your collection of coins.

Every year, the Underwood boys take their foreign currency collection to school for "show-and-tell." Thanks to your support, their presentations are growing more extensive and impressive.

No pictures yet, but we'll be busy this weekend.

Thanks again, this why they call relatives like you "Great Aunts"?

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Mr. Moneybags

Like all fourth graders, Hunter is eager to learn about everything. That includes sewing on his grandma's sewing machine (just how does it work? I want to do it!)and organizing the foreign money given to him and his brother by Great-Grandma Bev. (Blake and Hunter have been collecting coins for about a year.)

Today was project day--learning about different countries, words for money, organization, and how to sew. It resulted in money bags for six countries' coins...we have eight more bags to go but here's what we produced today.

Sunday, September 13, 2009


Saturday was not only the start of flag football season but also the Iowa State - Iowa game.

Blake started the day off with an 8:50 am morning game Michigan (his team) won 35 - 0 or something like that. Blake got one of the touch downs and many flags. Here he is chatting with an opponent during a play. He is red shorts and white shirt on the end near the goal post.

Next was Hunter, Virginia (his team) with a 11:20 am game. It was a little less successful, much like Iowa State. Here is Hunter with his team. He is the one coming in from the sidelines. Many nervous men in the stands with earbuds on during this one as the Big game started at 11 am.
As far as the big game - there is always next year. Dave wore his Beat Iowa shirt all day. At least he got it free when he won the tipy cup contest at work on Friday. Don't ask me what that was all about.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Blake's Big Minnesota Trip

To keep everything fair between two competitive brothers, Nana and Grandpa Al took Blake on the "big Minnesota trip." Today the score is even: Each brother has had a crack at visiting Alexandria and Grandma Bev, some fun Minnesota venues, and entertaining stops at the homes of Becky's siblings.

Blake's visit to Minnesota included 24 hours at Arrowwood Resort in Alexandria (waterpark, beaches, games), a visit to Granda Bev and a stop at the Letneses' in Blaine where Blake biked with Grandpa Ron. The next day was the Renaissance Festival in Shakopee and an overnight at Stan and Kathleen's home where the biggest flatscreen ever let Blake indulge in maximum-sized cartoons and Kathleen's big, fluffy waffles.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Boat Trip with Jim Berry

Jim Berry invited Becky and Al on a river ride in his boat, picking two really beautiful days for it. He keeps his boat at Fairport Marina just outside Muscatine, IA so that's where we boarded.

We drove north on the river, passed through Lock and Dam No. 15, (see Becky and securing the boat with a rope while the water rose inside the lock), and arrived at Bettendorf for an overnight stay. Jim let Becky drive...Al has driven Jim's boat several times.

We have 69 pictures of barges, boats, and marinas. Here are just five.

Snow Day

We've been waiting until now for snowfall that amounts to something measureable. The perfect day to put on a new pair of boots and cr...