Saturday, September 28, 2013

Blake and His Buds

Blake had his annual birthday party with his buddies.  This year it was at SkyZone.  We have always wished there was a place you could trap a group of kids for an hour where they couldn't cause any damage.  This appears to be the answer.

They spent the entire hour playing Dodge Ball.

Excitement every minute.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

It Was a Black-Tie Affair

So many September birthdays at the Underwood house that we decided to invade their home with one-birthday-party-fits-all-three.
I cooked up a crock-pot lunch and Kimberly made the black-and-white cake~~you know the kind~~
with Oreos on top :)

Everyone came in black and white.
I managed to get a few portraits but didn't get everyone covered,
missing Kim and a selfie~~we'll live with it.
Becky and Kim really were at the party.

 Hunter's 13 this September.
 Landon and Blake, pre-party...they're big gamers. Blake is 12 this September.
 Amy's one year older...
...and Dave got that way in August.
 Adam's a little older too...
 ...but Grandpa Al has always been old.

Yep. We did it in black and white :)
 The Oreo cake.
Blake now has his desired Oakley sunglasses... in good company with Uncle Adam.

Landon led the happy birthday song with everyone following along :)

Monday, September 9, 2013

Cousin Kyle Got Married

Majestic Oak Golf Club in Ham Lake was the venue Kyle and Missy chose for their nuptials...a ceremony outside in front of a gazebo, the reception inside the Fireside Room at the clubhouse.
Ham Lake is just a couple miles north of Ron and Linda's home in Blaine so they hosted us overnight before and after the simple and convenient.

 Cousin Kyle waiting for the wedding party to turn up.
He's a cool, confident extremely nice dude working in marketing.
 Missy (Melissa) and her dad arriving. 
Missy is a nanny about to open a daycare in their new home.

Kyle's parents, Aunt Cindy and Uncle KK Larson

The Jerdee siblings...Cindy, Kathy, Jon, Allen
 Aunt Kathy, Uncles Jeff and Jon, Aunt Mavis
 Al and Becky, Cindy...KK was outside chatting it up with people leaving the party,
unavailable for this picture next to his wife, Cindy.
Kyle dancing with his mom at the end of the evening.
Lovely party.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

7th Grade Select Team - Midwest Classic Football Tournament

The final score in the final game of the Midwest Classic Tournament for the 7th grade division.  Hunter is #18.  He is the middle line backer and defense coordinator for the team.  He also plays kick off receiver, tailback and gunner.  The team went 59-0 in first game, 54-0 in second game and 42-0 in championship game.  Yet to be scored on they are pretty excited for their next game!

The 7th grade select team.  Midwest Classic Champions.

Hunter the punt receiver.

Hunter #18 is the Gunner (guy that tackles the punt return)

The team getting their Champion medals.  Hunter is in the middle high fiving the head coach.

Hunter and his greatest fan Dad getting ready for the Championship game.
Hunter and his greatest fan Dad getting ready for the Championship game.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Another One Done

Congrats to Adam!
After finishing the Dumbo Double Dare~~a 10K yesterday and a half marathon today.
 That also finishes the Coast-to-Coast challenge,
 first part in Florida last January, the second part in California today.

It's That Kind of Day

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