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Pumpkin Carving

Adam, Kim and Landon Jerdee joined the Underwoods (Hunter, Blake, Amy and Dave) for some good old fashioned pumpkin carving on Sunday. Amy supplied the venue and food. One of the highlights was the excellent dried pumpkin seeds Amy prepared to eat. Everyone enjoyed them including Landon.

Dave and Hunter

Kimberly "scooping out the guts" of a pumpkin.

Hunter and his Valley Tigers (local high school) pumpkin.

A display of pumpkin works.

Dave's pumpkin.

Two pumpkins with candles later that night.
Adam carved out a "Kitty-Bat" design from a carving kit template. Otherwise the designs were carved using freehand designs.

Mathlete Blake

At the annual awards ceremony this year, Blake received a trophy for reaching 2 years above grade level for math. Go Blake!

Legoland, Florida just opened

Remember our visit to Cypress Gardens during the Jimmy Carter days? It went by the wayside as a popular park so the lego people took over the site.
Check out the VIDEOS...the second one, A Walk in the Park, tells the story about the building of the park.
Blake is sure to love this place for its use of legos...:)

Pumpkin Patch & Corn Maze-ing


And he finished!!

Adam finished the 26.2 mile marathon in 4 hours 45 minutes and 32 seconds! Congratulations, Adam! That is an unbelievable accomplishment, something you've done several times before.
Waiting for pictures to come in via blackberry...

Track Adam on the Des Moines Marathon this Sunday

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track Adam
Every time he crosses a tracking point, the chip in his shoe marks it. You can choose texting or email...

Number 11

Amy sent this photo to me so I'm posting it. Hunter is popular with the guys.  He works hard and they give him a lot of "atta boys."
Blake is popular on his team too. There doesn't seem to be anything he can't do. I don't have a picture of him to post. Anyone?

Fall on the Greens