Monday, February 22, 2010

Pop's Sunset Grill, Revisited!!

Inspired by Hunter's Restaurant Review on mac & cheese in Venice, Becky and Linda went to Pop's Sunset Grill to test the "BEST" Fried Mac&Cheese Ever. Hunter gave it the top spot on his review of three mac&cheese dishes at local (Venice) restaurants.
The kids' menu is named after Junior, the white bird that sits on the rail at Pop's. That's where we found the Fried Mac & Cheese. We were allowed to order from the Junior menu.
The Fried Mac&Cheese was everything he said it was. Who knew? When we heard that the manager was going to take it off the menu and offer a more standard mac and cheese as a side, we gave them our sad faces...well, maybe they'll reconsider...possibly put Fried Mac&Cheese on the appetizer list on the new menu after they take it off the kids' menu. There's still hope, Hunter, that you can come next Christmas and get your beloved BEST Fried Mac&Cheese Ever.

Note to Pop's readers: If you want to see Hunter's Restaurant Review, scroll down a long way to the Blog Archive in the left column (you'll see a big gap of space before you get to it). Click on 2009 where Thursday, December 31 will pop up. Scroll down to Wednesday, December 30 where Hunter's Restaurant Review is written.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

shark tooth hunting

hey guys, it's been cold for WEEKS and the poor vacationers are limited to shark tooth hunting in the waves. check out this poor chick who's making an effort...nothing like walking down boca grande on a sunny day...

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Going to Coasters

We tried out a new restaurant on the intracoastal waterway--Coasters. We'd spotted it earlier one sunny day with the Underwoods while Dave was driving the boat. It was a nice place but the rest of the stylin' boardwalk was deserted. Hard times.

Thought this sign was cute.

Into the Cockpit

Landon's on his way home from Ireland. He was invited to sit in the cockpit of the Aer Lingus plane.