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Christmas Eve Portraits from Florida

We couldn't seem to get our act together for a group portrait so here are some singular ones.  Merry Christmas, everyone!

Dopey Challenge Training Upate

Adam here with a Dopey Challenge update. It's less than a month from the race and I'm still pretty much on schedule with training. Unfortunately the rigorous schedule took it's toll me; I got a sinus infection and a case of shingles (something that comes from having chicken pox as a child: The sinus infection was actually gone in a couple days, but shingles sticks around a little longer. It has been a relatively mild case, if that is possible. But still very irritating. I have still been able to run in the meantime, albeit slower, shorter distances and not as often. The illness is on its way out but has been a challenge in itself. I highly suggest avoiding it if you can. Enough about ME, this is for Team JDRF, Carson, Mandy, Kerry, my coworker's son Palin and everyone else who lives with Type 1 Diabetes. Please remember this is for a great cause, the research for a cure for Type 1 Diabetes and for improving the lives for those w…