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Visiting Grandpa Al

He's in good humor today, the pain of yesterday fading. I brought my camera in so you could see his set-up. He joked about his colored bracelets because they resemble the ones school kids wear. Well, maybe not. :) The doctor's pleased with the surgery and Al says he feels upright now when he stands. (He used to stand at an angle because his leg was 1 1/2 inches short on that leg~~the knee was so bad. Surgery gave him back the missing inches.) His backache is getting better too, thanks to the now straightened leg that supports it on that side. Therapy going on...

Blake at Districts

Superbowl Sunday was also Districts for Blake.  He wrestled all day up to the finals.  He made it all the way to the end and in a moment of unbelievable loss of concentration he lost a match. That loss landed him in 5th place.  That sounds great.  To be 5th out of all the kids in the district which includes Des Moines, all the sourrounding cities and 4 other counties around is a huge accomplishment. 

But unfortunately, only 1-4 qualify to wrestle at State.  He is the alternate and went home empty handed.  He has been sad for about a week.  He is still going to practices, but his heart has moved onto baseball.  Go Mustangs!

Here he is at the Superbowl Party we threw for him after his tournament.

Hi first Baseball tournament will be March 15-17th.  His team has been competing in an indoor invitation in St. Joe, MO.

Hunter's Math Counts and Baseball Starts

Hunter has a new serious sport.  Math.

He has been attending the Westridge Math Club all year; competing for the top spots for the math team.  He made it into the top 9 this week.  This got him a spot on the team that will be going to the Math Counts Central Iowa Competition in Des Moines on Feb. 21st. Yes, they get to miss a day of school to do a whole day of Math.  Some would call that a punishment only matched by death, but not these kids.  To them that is like a big treat!

On Saturday, he competed in a scrimmage between 6th,7th and 8th graders from his elementary school and his new middle school.  He earned 8th place in that competition.  Every competition he improves his sprint round score a few points moving him up the ladder more and more. 

I was going to photograph the Crunch bar he won on Saturday, but he inhaled it and I can't find the wrapper.  Sorry no action shots for this story!  Math competitions are definiately not a spectator's sport.

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Disney Marathon 2014: Team JDRF

After walking for JDRF for our nephew Carson, learning a coworker's son was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes and seeing the Team JDRF tent at the 2013 Walt Disney World Marathon I have decided to run the Goofy Challenge for Team JDRF at the 2014 Disney Marathon weekend (1/11/2014-1/12/2014). Registration hasn't even opened yet, but I decided I needed get the word out so there is no turning back. This will be my 5th Disney marathon and 10th marathon (unless I run two more this year). This will be a big fundraising challenge so I'll be asking for support throughout the year. Please help the cause in the future, keep posted for opportunities to help in the coming year. Until then here are some pictures from this year's marathon (sorry for the poor quality, I was running a marathon after all):

20th Year of the Disney World Marathon
Cindy's Castle decorated for Christmas

So, who out there can name this character?