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Hunter's First Time Out on the Course

Venice East Golf Course was the place.  8 a.m. was the time he started at the driving range.  That was it for training. The 18-hole Executive course was no challenge for Hunter, but it was for his mom. He did a great job for the first time.
A Santa Palm for a photo op.

the newest kid on the golf course

Hunter was surprised when his parents bought him a set of golf clubs for Christmas. He's getting his first lesson on a 3-par course in South Venice tomorrow.

a tidbit...

just wanted to update a little...the Underwoods moved into the Christmas holiday beach condo a couple days ago and we haven't done a good job of recording everything. We'll get better... poolside just out their door
a little water football
gateway to the gulf

Landon's 2011 Visit with Santa...ho, ho. ho, hum...

Remember Landon's first visit in 2010? Click on the link!

Snow on the Landscape

Amy and Dave's backyard view.  Seen from their balcony

more hat chat

This hat went to Blake, the Champion of  the North-Hoover Wrestling Tournament.
And, would you believe he had the energy to pull it off on Sunday morning
after hosting a pizza and game party for 11 kids the night before?

Note the trophy that he'll add to his growing collection. Congrats to Blake! This is the coolest hat a champ could wear. Lookin' good!

hat chat

So what do you call a hat like this? Is there a name for it?
This is a gift to Landon from Grandma Janet.
Cute, eh?
Should be warm with those earflaps!

According to wikipedia, it's a tuque...a stocking cap...
a Canadian-English head cover against the cold.
 If it has a pom-pom on the top, it might be called a bobble hat.