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Skiiranasaurus rides again

The annual visit to the lake for Dave's birthday was this weekend. No birthday is complete for Dave if the Skiiranasaurus is not involved.

The Jerdee's went along for the festivities. Here we all gather together as Al takes our picture.

This year all of the boys got into the action.

Blake's first time on the knee board. He went 20 feet on his own!

Hunter's knee board experience was cut short by a tree floating in the once flood ravaged lake. He refused to go back into the water after that. He perfers ocean water where he can see what is below his feet.

Daddy shows everyone how to use the knee board.

Grandpa Al took the photos and last but not least Uncle Adam was the captain of the boat. He proved he is not only a pilot but a captain as well.

Summer at the Pool

When Florida beaches are 1500 miles away, the next best thing is grandpa Al and Nana's condo pool. Everyone wants to be Micheal Phelps, but the last picture wins.

Even at the pool the boys found a way to play baseball.

Blake holds the target while Hunter pitches strikes with the ball hitting Sponge Bob right in the pants. As Blake would say "that's Mr. Phelps to you."

Back in the Olden Days...

The Rolfsruds made applesauce like this. After cooking peeled, cored and quartered apples in a sugar/water solution (check out the Better Homes & Gardens recipe book), the fruit was crushed through a three-legged sieve with a wooden turning tool. Hunter made applesauce this morning the old-fashioned way. Good stuff!

Art Camp to Man Cave

The boys had one week between summer kid's camp and the first day of school. Great time for a little culture amidst all of the sports action of the summer. They went for a week of Art Camp at the West Des Moines Art Center. They started out like this....

Mrs. Brown

Then Nana Becky got ahold of them and they ended up like this...

Working on their Man Cave. Now that is art!

The man cave is the boys' (all three of them) birthday present this year. Once the rubber mat flooring, projection TV and Wii are installed we will have the man cave ribbon cutting. Hunter and Blake have even saved up enough Wells Fargo Bucks to get a wall hung basket ball hoop as their contribution. Many good times ahead!

A Nice Day Above Des Moines

Adam invited Kim along on a proficiency flight above Des Moines on Sunday. The instructor took the right hand seat while Kim sat in the back and enjoyed the ride.

After we did 4 touch and goes at the Ankeny Regional airport we decided to drift over to West Des Moines and fly over the new Jordan Creek Mall and fly back.

The trip was pleasant and Kim even enjoyed it despite getting a little nervous about the trip beforehand.

All the landings were fairly good, especially the last one despite a little bit of turbulence that made the plane hop a foot or two just above the landing strip.

Mr. Baseball on the Mets

Blake's Second Season Baseball Diary: The Mets (in his mom's words)

Blake's second season team is the Mets. He is #10.
Here he is playing Short Stop. His latest favorite position.

Game One: Blake has three sports events scheduled at the same time: Mets game, Mustang's practice and Tae Kwon Do. He makes it to the Mets game and Tae Kwon Do. Even Blake isn't amazing enough to be in three places at the same time. Game Two and Four were missed due to Mustang's games. Game Three mommy was out of town so there is no report, but I hear it went great! Grandpa Al stepped in to make sure everyone got to their games and practices on time.

Game Five: Before, Blake went up to bat I walked over to the bench and whispered to him that I wanted to see a pretty one way out to left field. He smiled and gave me the thumbs up. I couldn't believe it when he stepped up and on the first pitch the ball sailed out to left field. It was pretty too.
The second time up to bat I went over…

Back in the cockpit again

After a 5 year hiatus in flying I, Adam, have gotten back in a plane again, practicing my privileges as a private pilot. On July 30 I took the controls of a 1976 Cessna 172M, N9693H, at Exec 1 Aviation at the Ankeny Regional Airport with the help of a flight instructor. We practiced steep turns, stalls and touch and goes. I felt like everything came back to me in a matter of minutes. The air was calm, but a little warm.

Then we went back out again last Saturday. That was a little bit of a reality check. There was a 9 knot crosswind from 90° - 130° (the east) with gusts up to 18 knots. It's not much, but it reminded me how challenging crosswind landing can be. We did 7 touch and goes on runways 4 and 18 before calling it a day. I look forward to taking a few more training flights before I'm ready to take any passengers up, but it should happen soon enough. Most of my previous flight time has been in a 152 so the relearning in a 172 has been a little challenging. Maybe I'll …

Dave and Hunter's Dodgers

Second season is in full swing. Dave and Hunter were assigned the Dodgers this time around. What are the odds that Amy would have to go to CA for business during the first week of their season so she could pick up an official Dodger's shirt for the assistant coach (Dave). He is now the best dressed coach at Holiday Park.

So far the season has been a little slow. Sometimes watching 8 year olds playing baseball can be like watching paint dry.

The Drill
Kid pitches the ball over the umpires head, ball hits backstop and rolls under the catcher, catcher spins around to find it, finally ripping the helmet off to spot it between his legs, catcher picks it up and throws it over the pitchers head, second base notices if he hasn't lost interest already, throws it back to pitcher, pitcher doesn't quite catch it, but can run it down, pitcher gets ready for next throw while catcher gets his gear back on. (That is what Hunter is watching in this photo)

Some baseball math:

7 batters (they ha…