Sunday, October 31, 2010

Underwood Halloween 2010

We started our Halloween a weekend early with a visit to Living History Farms with the little monkey Landon.

Begger's Night started with a flag football game in the morning. Blake had two long completed passes. He got to play quarterback in this game. They won the game 28-0.
Next the boys went to the Drake Football game compliments of one of Hunter's friends who passed on his tickets to Hunter because he won some free ISU tickets. Drake wond 28 - 17. ISU won 28 - 16. All around it was a winner of a day.
Finally was Beggar's night. Below is a shot of the herd that Dave and Matt ushered around the neighborhood. With a high of 70 they all had a great time.

Blake had the Hot Dog and the Iowa Fan spend the night (we were really not sure about letting an Iowa fan stay at our house). The next morning, Blake got up and ran a 3K in a cross country meet. He got second place just steps behind the front runner with a time of 13:37.

They are finishing their weekend with a viewing of The Goonies and homework!

Have a Horrifying Halloween, Everyone!!

Love,  Becky and Al in Florida

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Go to Hunter's Dining Out to see Des Marathon Photos

Final results of the Des Moines Marathon. If you want to see a report with photos you have to go to Hunter's Dining Out!


Pace: 9:53 Mile
Time: 30:38
Male Division Rank: 186/288
Age Div (14 and under): 23/34
Overall 315/783


Pace: 7:48 mile
Time: 24:09 minutes
Male Division Rank: 72/288
Age Div (14 and under) 11/34
Overall 80/783


Pace: 10:36
Time: 4:37:41

Whoo! Hoo! Good Job Boys!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Hunter's Last Game

The 5th Grade Chiefs ended the season in 4th place, but not without a defensive fight. See many shots of Hunter below. #72.

He is nose guard on the right between the two big guys. He stays low.
He was paired with 84 from the Colts on this team. See #84 trying to catch him here. The big blue guy behind him. He is in most of the photos. Hunter was too quick for him.

You can spot him by his red shirt sticking out of the back of his pants.

He had a little injury when a 180 lbs kid landed on top of him, but he went back into the game soon after.

Making a tackle and stripping the ball.

He is in the middle of the line. He is the low one.

Not really the shot he was wanting me to catch.

At one point the other team was on the 2nd yard line. The defensive line held them and they didn't score.
Hunter had a great season. He ended it with a big soak in the new jacuzzi we just finished after 3 years.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Last Hugs until Christmas

Becky here.
We stopped by the Underwood house for one last hug
before leaving for Florida.
Last of the summer pictures before the boys got on the school bus
and we rolled down the interstate.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Blake - Kumon Awards

Today we went to Blake's first Kumon award ceremony. Blake started the Kumon math program in May when he began to get bored with math at school. He is about 15 assignments away from acheiving his first medal which is working one year above grade level. This year he got an acheivement award.

After the ceremony the school treated us all to a day at the zoo.

This is the annual zoo picture. They are getting a little bigger!

We also stopped for a bite to eat. The zoo had fried mac and cheese. Maybe you will hear more about that on Hunter's Dining Out blog.

In the end, the red panda was Blake's favorite.

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