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Underwood Thanksgiving 2011

We have not had a Christmas Tree for what we think is 7 years. This year the night before Thanksgiving we got a tree that was pre lit, came in three parts and took 15 mintues and no mess to put up. All we had to do is the fun part of putting on the deocrations. Great invention!
On Thanksgiving morning we all crawled out of bed and did the Turkey Trot (3rd year). This year we all participated. Hunter was the big winner in 4th place for his age group for the 2 mile with 16:30. Dave and Blake tied both getting 5th place in their age group. Dave did the 2 mile in 14:56 and Blake did the 5 mile is 46:00. Amy didn't place but did finish the 2 mile in 26 min. Good place to start. Next year will surely be better.
After the run we came home and had a big feast with the Underwoods. We ordered a turkey, greenbean casserole and green salad from the club. The best part was the home made cranberry sauce that came with the turkey. The green beans were also fresh and the chef made a p…

Landon made a friend at the mall


just like my dad

photo by Adam 'n Kim
Landon skypes now, too. He showed us a lot of his toys the other day. 

Cousins hanging out...


Sarasota Chalk Festival

Hi everyone,
This is a little postcard from Sarasota.

Today we perused the chalk paintings on the street between Orange and Pineapple Streets.
 The Chalk Festival has been going on for a week and will finish tomorrow.
Artists from all over the globe participate in this strange and funky venue
 that resembles mural art, cartooning, and mastering the Masters.

They've been working on their paintings in the hot sun for six days. We're so happy that it hasn't rained on their parade of paintings!
We stopped to photograph this artist at work on something that might please Adam and Hunter...who is this character? Allen says "Anima"? Japanese cartooning...

You can tell the huge scale of these images by the chalk tray nearby.
These artists do get DOWN & DIRTY... note the grubby pants and knee pads.
And check this out, Blake!!! A 3-dimensional Lego scene...huge  (those guys in the grubby clothes are the ones who chalked this panorama.) Look at the crowd to see how big the picture…

Dancin' Landon

A couple fun videos of Landon Dancing this past summer. Just getting them up on the web now. Landon really loses himself in the music and gets into it.