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The Kids' Race at Disneyland

Landon's running the race with Donald.

Landon's at Camp Snoopy Today

Where's Landon?
Under the waterfall, or course!
He wanted to ride the balloon race by himself :)

The Jerdees are in California for a marathon weekend at Disneyland.
Today is Landon's day to explore Knott's Berry Farm.

2013 First Day of School

Hunter started Junior High School this year.  Here he is in the early hours of the morning waiting for this bus.  School used to start at 9 am for him now he has to leave before 7 am.  What a change!

 Blake is a big 6th grader this year.  He is our sleeper-inner.

Now that they are off to school, I finally have time to clean off the summer photos from my phone.  Here are some highlights:

Mustangs first Championship in 2013.
Amy and Hunter golfing at Glen Oaks.
Mustangs go to an ICubs game and see Cubbie.

Blake competed at the John Deere Classic Drive Chip and Putt Competition.

The boys attended the Drake BullDogs Football Camp for Youth Football.
We all went to the last full day of Adventureland to end the summer.

We finally ended our summer Golfing at Blank Park Golf  Course in a Best Shot Tournament for Dave's company.  Our family golfed par.  Needless to say we got door prizes.

Water Worlds

School is about to start so we staged a last hurrah at Adventureland.  Although there were plenty of dry Galleon, Splash Over, Tornado, Dragon, Sidewinder, and Space Shot rides, Hunter and Blake spent the most hours in the Carribbean Cruiser (a current-filled river that loops around Adventure Bay),  at The Bermuda Quadrangle, and on Shipwreck Shores.
And they're off down the Raging River.  Perfect place to challenge river surprises. The River Rapids Log Ride left Blake (in the front) doused.  The Bermuda Quadrangle has four slides to conquer.  Then, there's the Reef Racer (on the right). They aren't old enough for the Speed Slides (on the left).  Up the stairs three flights to master the Typhoon. I waited down below for the best picture of them shooting out at the end... ...missed it. Shot a split-second too soon and late.. .in this pic they're coming out on that green tube just inside.  Breaker Beach Wave Pool produces waves for strong swimmers...  ...but the boys sp…

Hey, Everyone

Congrats to Hunter!!!! He's going into 7th grade this year but not in Mathematics. After scoring very well in the BIG math-placement test,  he'll be in the 8th grade Algebra class. He appears to be a Mathlete. :)

2013 Jr Golf Season at Glen Oaks

The 2013 Golf Season officially ends tomorrow, but here are some highlights of the season.
Blake won the club Drive, Chip and Putt competition for his age division and went onto Regionals at Jester Park.  He scored a 75. Blake got 3rd Place in the Glen Oaks League Championship with a 51. Hunter won longest drive in the Parent-Child Annual Tournament with a super drive on hole one. The Underwood Family came in 3rd in the Child-Parent Tournament with Par. Both Blake and Hunter earned enough points to shop at the pro shop so they walked away with some goodies.
Here is a photo of Blake receiving his trophy from the Sr. Golf Pro at the club.  His coach is at the podium.