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Pancakes for Supper!

Carnevale di Venezia, Mardi Gras, and Tampa's Gasparilla Days end today, Fat Tuesday. We're celebrating Shrove Tuesday with the Brits and their pancake-eating traditions. Today's the day to use up cooking ingredients, such as fat and eggs, that are traditionally restricted during last gastronomical delight before getting into the soup-supper mode. Tomorrow is Ash Wednesday.

Oscars Pre-Party

Becky and Al here from Venice, FL. Brother Steve flew in from Minnesota to visit us and our Floridian brother, Virg, and his wife, Becky. Part of the whirlwind warm-weather weekend included Sunday dinner and a Sunday drive/tour through Historic Venice with stops at the South Jetty and the Venice Pier. The day was a superb and sunny day, of course. Here are a couple shots from dessert on the lanai after the tour. (Steve brought Key Lime Pie to cap off our afternoon together.) This evening, we'll be back in our recliners watching the Oscars.

Blue and Gold Banquet

Blake and his Tiger Cub den at the Blue and Gold annual banquet last night.

3rd Graders Sing for Parents

This afternoon the 3rd graders at Hunter's school gave a musical concert. Hunter is in the front playing the xylophone in this shot. He has a red and white striped shirt on. They sang for 30 mintues while we all ran our camcorders and snapped photos.

The White Scarf Society

Becky and Al here from Venice, FL. Yesterday was an easy, breezy day with our Des Moines friends, Peggy and Larry, who stopped through on their way to a comped stay at a condo in Naples, FL. With Larry's recent job lay-off, they were accepting all invitations south where they could breathe salt-sweet air. Sharky's was perfect for lunch and stopping at Sirene on Venice Avenue's shopping street yielded some delightful scarves for the girls. Unfortunately, no camera. You won't see Peggy and Becky wearing red hats any time soon. They're initiating the White Scarf Society...stay tuned for a shot when we get back to Des Moines.

Blake takes 1st in Boone

The photos and videos were not worth posting. He as awesome though.

Valentine's Day

All love is sweet,
Given or returned.

-----Percy Bysshe Shelley

Catch the Wave

Sending love vibes across the water...

Blakes takes 2nd at Dowling


Blake takes 2nd at SE Polk

That's right... her name is Kyla.


The freezing temperatures are rising and Spring is arriving in Florida (Groundhog day was bright and shiny). These pics don't reflect color hits at exotic Selby Gardens; they're common houseplants available at Lowe's.

KITCHEN MAKEOVER: Almost the Last Day

We're nearly there! A couple more lights inside the glass-door cabinet plus a cellular shade in the window and the decorating begins! Yesterday was a crazy day with the plumber installing the dishwasher, sink, and faucet while two electricians turned up at the same time to trim out the lighting and get the stove/microwave fired up.

For the finished kitchen, step up to the newsstand this fall. The kitchen will be featured in Better Homes & Gardens KITCHEN MAKEOVERS Fall 2009 magazine.


If Candlemas day be sunny and bright,
winter will have another flight;
If Candlemas day be cloudy with rain,
winter is gone and won't come again.
--late 17th century

Fairfield Stars and Stripes Tournament

Blake gets 1st in the Stars and Stripes Tournament down near Dave's home town.

The dad for the third kid told Dave they had been watching Blake all day and he was just glad his kid didn't get pinned. Blake pinned two and won the last match 15-0.

Souper Bowl Sunday

Becky and Al here from sunny Venice where our K-Mart KrockPot is cooking up a game-day party. For the last month, thanks to our still unplugged kitchen, the crockpot has been the center of our meals. Long hidden in the recesses of an old cupboard, it emerged to put "hot" in our salad and sandwich menu. We've cooked up Caribbean Sweet Potato & Bean Stew, Corn on the Cob, Three-Bean Turkey Chili, and Baked Ginger Apples. Today, we'll try Spicy Sweet & Sour Mini-Franks to celebrate the second biggest eating day in America (next to Thanksgiving). Come on over...the crockpot's on!