Monday, July 14, 2008

Summer Sizzler

Blake's Mustangs played in the Summer Sizzler tournament in West Des Moines this weekend. They played hard and ended up winning their first Sunday game and were placed to play the #1 seed team. They lost to the #1 seed 10-6. The other team was a 7 years old team and was a little suprised to find out they were playing 6 year olds.

The boys have worked really hard and are looking a lot like baseball players, but when they are done with a game they still like to be 6...

This is the Mustang's dog pile. Coach isn't too happy.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Two Houses, a Boat and Garden

It has been 8 months and we have made some progress on our master suite addition project. We are pretty sure we are going to have this paid for before it is ever done.
We have carpet, the walls are painted, the trim is in and the pictures are up. Nana Becky has been here and does approve. The bedroom is done, but the bathroom....

Mostly, we can't decide if we want a super cool shower or a jacuzzi. We would have it done if we didn't keep changing our mind.

We have installed the new LG High Efficiency washer dryer just behind the doors in the picture above. That has been a huge improvement. No more trips to the basement!!

This is the view from that attached office. Through those windows is the "other house" or castle...

The boys "tree house". This weekend will be their first time inside once they finish the ladder. Grandpa Al built the castle and Dave put it up on stilts.

Just in case anyone wondered - the boat is back in its summer home. Plans are to take it out in early August when we have a little vacation time. It got a new cover this year.

And finally a little tour through Amy's gardens just because.....

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Two Birthdays are Better Than One

The Des Moines clan celebrated two birthdays on Sunday, July 6th: Kim's birthday on July 7th and Grandpa Al's on July 8th, (today). Blake Underwood (in the pink tied-dyed shirt) hosted the festivities with Nana Becky. He decorated the walls, made fortune place cards, skirted the cake table, and made fruit kabobs. Two cakes doubled the choices--a red velvet with cream cheese frosting for Al and a sweet pink and chocolate marble cake for Kim.

It's That Kind of Day

The Adam Jerdees are having a slow stroll through the inside of the Minnesota Zoo today. Staying warm, taking it easy... Like this g...