Saturday, September 27, 2008

Last of the Summer Wine

September 27, 2008 is Amy's 41st birthday (14th if you looked at the cake on the opposite side) and Dave tossed us a patio party with HRM REX+Goliath Giant 47-lb. Rooster Chardonnay (World Market). It was accompanied with an ice-cream cake from Dairy Queen (boys' choice). Amy's birthday morning was spent with her Mom and Kim walking the Sherman Hill House Tour and dining at Cafe di Scala. We met at 2 p.m. for cake and a family celebration before Grandpa Al and Nana Becky depart for Florida.

Hunter spent the night before Amy's birthday celebrating his last overnight for this season at his grandparents' condo--a night at Boston's playing pool after reading under the willow tree. He helped pack the car for the trip to Florida

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Blake turns 7 at the Bounce House

Saturday night, 22 of Blake's best friends (actual one was a girlfriend and two were her best friends), celerated Blake turning 7. With only two professional supervisors they all managed to have a great time with only minor bumps and bruises.

The first step was a video on the rules. They all lay quietly on the floor while they listened. Then mild fun....

Hunter, Blake and Katie Jane (the girlriend)

Became wild fun!

Blake was always in the middle of the trouble. Rolling around on the ground, dancing at the drinking fountain or mass climb up a wall.

Snacks and cake lasted about 10 minutes. Here is Blake between Carsen and Adam (his two longest lasting best friends) and next to Adam is Katie Jane. According to Katie's mom, Katie asked Blake to marry her, but Blake said no. He isn't sure he is ever going to get married. Nothing against Katie. He thinks she is alright as far as girls go.

Next was the king's chair. Blake poses with his newest best friends Jackson and Christopher. He is wearing his king's hat. Next he is swarmed by a group of very excited kids all wanting to see him opening his presents. He is in there somewhere.

At the end all but two of his guests posed for a group photo.

Later, at home mom and dad had a little fun. Katie Jane gave Blake a HUGE radio operated Tarantula. He is kind of freaky about spiders. (she has a sense of humor!) We put it together and terrorized him. He jumped off the floor and refused to touch the ground until we put it away. Go Katie Jane.
Amy and Dave were greatful for modern commercialism and plastic today. A party package with no hassle; great gifts they can play with all winter. We went home rested and happy! The kids were out in 10 minutes though.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Another Birthday Party!

Sunday was the annual joint family birthday party for the boys. We celebrated by having a feast, opening lots of presents and attending two soccer games. This year we had two games going at once. It was about 52 degrees and drizzly this year. All family members survived and both boys won their games.

Here Blake and Hunter finally get the Wii they have been waiting for. They got it in their new mancave which was revealed during the party. Cousin Zach is helping them.

Hunter's team the Lightning played hard and won 9-7. Hunter scored 3 of the goals for his team.

Blake's team the Sharks tore up the field and won 26-0. Blake scored many of the goals. See Blake to the left pushing one of his best buddies out of the way so he can get to the ball. To the right, mom is keeping him out of trouble while she is helping the coach (Dave) with player rotation.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Hunter Turns 8!

This past weekend Hunter turned 8 years old.

Friday night: We made the annual mecca to Joe's Crab Shack for Macaroni and Cheese and a ride on the birthday Hobby Horse.

Saturday night: 15 of Hunter's friends helped him celebrate. They

Shot hoops!

Swung bats!

Climbed walls!

Kicked balls!

Ate everything in sight

and at the end of the night..

Hunter lost his front tooth.

It is good to be 8!

On Sunday, soccer season and flag football season started. More to come...

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