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Glow Golf with Blake

Glow Golf is our speed. When we asked Blake what he'd like to do with us one day,  his text response came quickly: "Glow Golf!" Miniature golf in the dark.
Blake taught us the ropes and we found it doable for our old bones. He said this place is super-popular on a rainy day :) 
Thanks, Blake! We'll be back to use our free passes won at the last challenge.

Wedding Guest

Landon is a wedding guest today, invited to  Geneva-on-the-Lake for the occasion. Lake Erie, that is. I couldn't help thinking that, in this serious pose  to show me how he looked in the shirts I bought him,  he resembles some aspects of second cousin Anja.

Surfer Dude is Back

Blake's hair is growing far below the edge of his baseball cap. He wants it that way.
I wonder when he'll break down and submit to a haircut. Here, he's warming up his pitches.
We spent the morning at Pickard Park while the Mustangs worked at winning a couple games.