Thursday, June 23, 2011

BLAKE: Before & After the Trophy

Blake told his team he wasn't cutting his hair
 until they won a baseball trophy...
he had to fulfill his promise when they did!
Here are the befores and afters:

A little detailing for Number 9...

Trophy in hand...

The kid cleans up well, eh?

Monday, June 20, 2011

Dad's Day at the Ballpark

Well, they pulled it off!!!
Team Ex-Treme took a second-place trophy in the Sandlot Tournament.
A team from Nebraska took the first prize.
It was a good day for Coach Dave (Dad of the Day), top left and below.

For Blake, winning a trophy means something else...

stay tuned for the back story...

part of it is HERE

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Tunneling with Landon

In he comes...

heading down the tube...

...and he makes it through!!!
(He claps for himself when he's successful.)

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Landon and His Hayes Cousins

Mady, Joseph, Noah, Carson, Landon, Joci and Rece
They had gathered for a Hayes family reunion out at Guthrie Center today so the kids lined up for a group cousin picture. Landon's the little guy with blonde hair.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

He's a Champion!!!!

Ace pitcher, Hunter the Heat, led his team to a win of the Iowa 'A' Classic National Invitational Tournament on Sunday, June 5. In the middle of the day, Hunter's main fans were called home~~it was load-the-truck day for moving and Al and Dave were hoping to take in a game or two. It was not to be. A pipe burst in an upstairs bathroom and the ceiling below was wet and falling...a shock, to say the least.
 Amy and I, who were at home preparing the load, were frantic for help.

Meanwhile, Hunter kept on striking the boys out and his coaches were excited. Updates were sent to the Underwood ranch where everyone was grinding through the trauma of loading a truck and dealing with insurance and plumbers and a huge, wet, stinky, gaping hole in the living room ceiling.

Later in the afternoon I heard an enormous shout in the yard and flew to the window to see what was up (another accident?) No, not an accident!!! A wondrous event...
Championship trophy in hand, a grinning Hunter was standing at the back of the moving truck with his proud, proud coach, excitedly discussing the twists and turns of the day.

A huge lift for the crew!!!
We'll drink to that!!! "Hear, hear," we lifted our glasses to our 10-year-old hero.
We can move on now...we're winners!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Dam to Dam Race (20K), Des Moines

Nice tattoo, Landon! Waiting for your dad to come in?

yep, here he comes, quick! get a shot!

oops, there he goes!

oh, cool, here he comes to meet us after the race...

good job, Dad!

nice medal, Dad...something good to chew on...