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Warm Wishes for the Tundra


Birds of a Feather...

...flock together.

The Sharks' Tooth Stoop

Hunting for sharks' teeth among the shells scooped from the sea... an annual event for the gang.

Adam's Marathon

It was a hot, hot year for a marathon and this, possibly, is the most difficult 26 miles he's ever run. One hour into the race, Adam met us in the Magic Kingdom for a family photo.

At the end of the race, he needed bags of ice to cool the body,
 heated beyond anything he'd experienced before.
No one wanted to take a photograph in the hot sun... Adam managed a face forward :), sweat pouring from the top of his head. We made a quick trip back to the escape bus.  As for race time, it was important for Adam to slow the pace in order to stay healthy. 40 minutes longer than the usual time. Smart move; his recovery was pretty quick.

A Wild Ride

OK, this is old Grandpa Al and Nana with a little vacation report from Florida. The Adam Jerdees really do provide the entertainment! No sooner had they arrived for our holiday when we ran off to Emergency with Landon in seizure from a high fever. No, it's not the flu. Not pneumonia.
A cold.
 A high fever puts the little guy at risk. An exhausting night before our plan to drive to DisneyWorld the next day.
But, what do you know? He came around. It was hard work but the little guy manned up and over a few hours, he became more like himself and we got in the car. He ran the Kids' Race the next day...not with the fervor  of the previous year but pretty wonderful, considering!
Mom walked along to keep the pressure off. Made it to the finish line, medal earned! He's in good shape now. Next day, Dad ran the full marathon. We'll report on it shortly.

We are ready for the game!

Blake and Hunter are cutting the pepperoni pizza they made. Blake is making snow cones for everyone at halftime. Here is his selection list. Dave is removing Amy and Dave's pizza from the pizza maker.  He looks tired after driving 14 hours yesterday and working another 8 today.  Poor guys. Hunter is firing up the popcorn maker too!

Time To Go

The Underwoods re-packed their car for the long drive back to the tundra. It's foggy out there this morning but once they get past Gainesville, it should be clear sailing the rest of the way. No ominous winter storms predicted by The Highlander's trailer hitch pulls the "trailer" holding a big black box of golf bags/clubs. They went to Miromar Outlets yesterday to pick up a new set for Hunter. The annual family portrait always taken upon departure. It's 8:45 a.m. and they're off... Godspeed.

The Liberty Bowl and ISU

We were all ready for a win.  Hunter purchased us matching Cyclone shirts in honor of the Liberty Bowl game on December 31.  Grandpa Al looks a little mad because he couldn't get the timer to work on his camera... I stepped back from the shot and used another camera.  So imagine all 6 of us in matching shirts, OK?
By the third quarter, disappointment began to spread among the Cyclone fans...
and the boys took solace in Virg's lovely swimming pool.

The rest of us set about waiting for the (crystal) ball to drop. A balm for the grievous loss: The VIKINGS won! Now they're up to play the same team again...