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A Sharky's Tale

Many thanks to Kim and Adam for the Sharky's On The Pier gift card.
We used the card yesterday on what turned out to be a foggy, mist-filled afternoon on the ocean. Inland, we had enjoyed a sunny hour while pruning our palms. We thought it the perfect time to head out to Sharky's for our Christmas treat. By the time we arrived, the weather had changed--every day at the beach is a surprise. But it was so reminiscent of the first day we drifted into Sharky's (we were on our first exploratory trip to Venice in 1999) that those good ol' days became the topic of conversation. Great fun to remember.
The deck dining at Sharky's was perfect. We had our pick of seats so we sat in one of the booths. Allen ordered a Yuengling and Sharky's Top of the Pier Large Salad with Grilled Gulf Shrimp (Iceberg and Romaine lettuce, red cabbage and onions, carrots, and pickled beets with cucumbers, tomatoes and crumbled bleu cheese). Becky ordered a house Chardonnay and the Veracruz Bow…

Do the flowers know it's Blue Monday?

We're not blue...our Queen's-Wreath vine is twining its way toward Spring.

Feeling a little blue?

Is the cold, gloomy weather getting you down? Paying off those Christmas bills? Not losing weight like you resolved to? Well you aren't alone. Today is statistically the most depressing day of the year! But don't fret tomorrow can only be better.

A Home Away From Home

Becky and Al here from sunny Venice, Florida. Well, it's not that sunny...for the last two days we've been hiding away from the cloudy, rainy and cool front (feels like Chinook winds) that's passing over the sunshine state.

We're readying our rental property on Shamrock Boulevard for two tenants (Ted and Anna) who are coming from the far north...Canada, we think. They're staying for the months of February and March. Here's a little tour of their home away from home. The Shamrock House was home to Kim and Adam for their Thanksgiving week. It was also the Underwoods' home away from home for two weeks in December. The house is also up for sale...we're not holding our breath.

A day in Tarpon Springs

Blake and his new pal Scooby Doo spent the day in Tarpon Springs yesterday. They explored many shops and sites. There was a live raggae singer, a cat named (Blake can't remember), lots of boats and sponges, ice cream and an alligator head.

We had planned to see the sponge diver, but they did not dive the day we were there.