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Palm Paradise


Sunday on Siesta Key

With entertainment coupons in hand, we headed over to Siesta Key for breakfast, a street fair, and a farmers' market. We ended with a cool one, soup, and salad at the Siesta Key Oyster Bar. We picked up a few colorful shots along the way. So many much time.

Hunter and Blake

Hunter pitches for the Flash on a perfect spring evening. They won the game 11-7. Blake created the following message for Nana and Grandpa Al.

Mom's Bobbin Box

Becky here in Venice, Florida where I'm stitching up quilt tops from donated fabrics and enjoying the company others on the same mission: stitching quilts for refugees. Mom's here too, in a sense. I'm using her old bobbin box with the Singer Manufacturing Company stamped on it. It rests near my sewing machine and brings back memories of afternoon sewing lessons with Mom.

Dragons Vs Cobras

The first game of the Dragon's season was last night. Blake started the game and season off as the first batter and a hit on the first pitch. He got a single and eventually scored the Dragon's first run ever!
Hunter and Blake on the annual Easter Egg hunt. They have 66 eggs to find and they did it under an hour. The Easter Bunny is getting tougher every year. This year they were asking for hints.

Blake in his new team uniform. This year he is a Dragon. His first game will be tomorrow night - weather permitting!

Here he is from the front!

Company's Coming!!

We've set the table in anticipation of Becky and Virg's arrival tomorrow. We're having spiral-cut ham with pineapple slices, baked potatoes, candied yams, green beans with almonds, and orange jello with mandarin oranges. They're bringing the wine and dessert.

Wish you were here.

Happy Easter, 2009

We are an Easter people and
Alleluia is our song.

....Pope John Paul II


An egg is dear on Easter Day.</em

Camp Hantesa - by Hunter

Last night Blake, dad and I went to Camp Hantesa. We go every year for dad and son night.

This is the smore area where we had our camp fire. We also sang a song about a tree on the grass......

This is the lodge we slept in with our camp friends - Victor and Isaak.

Here I am with the camp dog - Luke. He has green eyes.

Here I am with my Brother on the suspension bridge that went over the river near the camp.
This is Camp Hantesa.
The funnest thing we did at Camp Hantesa this year was we had smores and played games in the Pow Wow Room. We found a skull of a deer when we were about to go home and we kept a tooth and brought it home to show mom. The rest of the skull was almost broken so Isaak stepped on it so it broke.

These were our camp staff. Mr. T, Ms. Star, Ms. Per and Ms. can't remember - it was just one night. Hunter

Getting a Choco Taco

The ice cream truck visits our neighborhood on Wednesdays and Saturdays about sunset. The irresistible sounds of the tinkling old-timey organ brings us out of our houses in a twist of nostalgia. Our favorite is the Choco Taco, a delicious blend of ice cream and nuts inside a simple fold of a waffle cone circle. Wish our grandboys were here...