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Pictures from Belize


Iowa First Snow of the Season

The boys couldn't wait to get out into the snow and use those shovels. They spent their first night of the Thanksgiving Break working hard.

Another Deer visit in West Des Moines

Today we saw a bigger buck in our backyard. This time we caught both the buck and the doe in a photo.

A cardinal and squirrel decided to join in on the fun.

Nature in the Jerdees (Iowa) backyard

This morning Kim, Lulu and I (Adam) were suprised to see this guy chasing a doe around our front yard to our back yard. This is a little bit unusual considering we live in the middle of West Des Moines. There is a greenbelt nearby with a rather large herd of deer which sometimes stray into the neighborhood and the busy streets.

Happy Birthday Becky (mom)!

Today is Becky Jerdee's 65th birthday. Becky and Al spent the morning enjoying a fantastic breakfast at the Venice Beach canopy followed by a stroll along the beach. Tonight's plans include a dinner at the Crow's Nest. Have fun you two!

The New Closet Emerges

We have been working every spare minute. Our first success is the closet. We will show you Amy's side. We are working on the bathroom and laundry room. Those photos will be next!

Amy Goes to PA

Amy spent last week in Harrisburg, PA and while there got a chance to visit Hersey and more importantly Chocolate World.

ISU squeeks past Colorado, and we were there!

Kim and Adam stuck through halftime after a terrible first half of football at the ISU/Colorado football game only to witness a tie for the best comeback in ISU football history. It came with a bizarre finish as most fans, players and coaches weren't even sure the game was over. There were two eerie moments of silence in a crowd of ~40,000 when the official announced when each kick to tie the game by Colorado was nullified. You could literally not hear a person speaking as he turned his microphone on to annouce that the game was over and Iowa State had won the game.
Then there was a roar as the fans rushed the field.
After waiting about 10 minutes we decided to join the crowd. Even after only winning 3 games all year, the fans still get excited enough to rush the field, amazing. It's so hard to be a cyclone fan you have to lavish in a victory when you can. The final score was ISU 31 Colorado 28.

Kim Jerdee makes Associate at DLR Group

Kimberly Jerdee was awarded with the honor of becoming Associate in the Firm of the DLR Group. The DLR Group is a national architecture firm which Kim works for in Des Moines. Congratulations Kim!!!

Halloween 2007

Our little candy eating ghosts.

It is Fall in Iowa!

Blake helps clean up the leaves.

Amy turned 40.

Dave came to my office and helped me celebrate.