Monday, June 24, 2013

Blake is Busy

Blake had a busy first full week of summer.  Here he is in his first swim meet.  He competed in the freestyle and the butterfly.  He is already strategizing for his next meet this week.  He needed some advice on his butterfly as he came in third.  A new Speedo swim cap is included in his strategy.

This is Blake at Safety Town.  He had a "real job" this week.  He was responsible for four 5 year olds as they spent each morning going to safety school.  They learned about crossing the street, police and fire departments, strangers, learning their phone number, bus safety and many other important things for their first year in kindergarten.  Here you see Blake' class getting their Diplomas as he looks on.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Line Drive Tournament

Finally, our 12U Sticks Team came home with a trophy.  We have had a rough year with many ties and close games.  We went 9 innings with one of the top major teams in the region.  Hunter has had a great year with 7 home runs and many innings pitched with no score.

It's That Kind of Day

The Adam Jerdees are having a slow stroll through the inside of the Minnesota Zoo today. Staying warm, taking it easy... Like this g...