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Fun With the Easter Bunny and the Bunny Train

Landon had his first visit with the Easter Bunny and got to take a wild ride on the Easter Bunny Train at the mall last night. Another little boy was nice enough to partner up with Landon on the train ride. But things got wild when Landon wouldn't sit still and tried taking the other boy's sucker during the ride.
First a visit with the Easter BunnyThen a ride on the Bunny Train...a pretty wild ride (that's Landon's foot after turning upside down, yes he was strapped in).

The Underwoods are Moving!

We finally sold our house!! We are moving as soon as school is out. This will be our new home.

We are on the 14th tee box with a great view of the main pond in the middle of the golf course.
We understand the perferred mode of transportation is by golf cart so we will be in the market for a used one soon.
We have plenty of room for company!

A Visit With Beverly

Here is a picture of three generations of Rolfsruds; Beverly, Adam and Landon (Becky is the missing link in the four generations) at the Clearwater Suites on Palm Sunday. This was Beverly's first chance to meet Landon who was very well behaved and delightfully good natured during the visit.

Happy Easter...early

Hunter and Blake were excited about the Easter card Hunter found for us. So they sent it early. .

Happy Easter Early, everyone!

not the shark tooth hunter's stoop

It's the grass-planting stoop. Amy reports: Blake is helping his dad plant grass by scratching up the soil with a rake, readying it for seeds.. if only they had a few more rakes for the neighborhood kids who are standing around.

First Tournament...Saturday

The sun is shining in West Des Moines! This report in from Dave's Blackberry to Amy's Blackberry. She forwarded it to us:
They won the first game 9-5. Hunter threw 2 innings struck out 4, threw out another and then Conner caught a fly. They started the game flat and were down 5-1 after the second inning.
No pictures...stay tuned.

They lost the second game so there's nothing to report about THIS tournament.
But wait!... there are more tournaments to follow :)


We noticed we haven't been putting much up of Landon lately, for quite a while in fact so enjoy.

2011 Des Moines Fight For Air Climb

It's been a week so I figured I better get a post up about the 2011 American Lung Association Fight For Air Climb in Des Moines. I climbed three different buildings in downtown Des Moines this year in a total time of 10 minutes 44 seconds. Here are split times:
PlaceNo.NameAgeS1stclim2ndclim3rdclimTotal=============================================6355Adam Jerdee37M3:153:034:2610:44
1st climb = EMC Insurance Building (17 floors 369 steps)
2nd climb = Hub Tower (18 flights 364 steps)
3rd climb = Marriott Downtown (31 flights 446 steps)

The Marriott had much more level running than the other stairwells.

Here are some pictures from the climb. Thanks to everyone who contributed to the cause. The donations totaled $305.
Adam in the act of climbing.
At the finish
The buildings climbed.
Landon with his proud papa.