Saturday, March 27, 2010

The Big Shower

Today was the day we celebrated the arrival of our newest baby boy Jerdee. Just over one month left so we had a shower at the Underwood house! Rubber duck style.

Mom to Be Kim tested the rubber ducky cupcakes...and Dad to Be Adam Practiced. This is a new pose for Adam.

And Nana Becky and Grandpa Al skyped in from Florida. Cousin Hunter was in charge of the technology - making sure Nana could see what was going on.
The gifts were all precious ... Nana Becky sent something from Disney World. A Shark hooded towel came from Great Aunt Linda... And Great Aunt Becky Lynn sent a soft cuddly lamb puppet.
Everyone left full, tired, and excited for the big day .... 41 days and counting.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

The prime rib was excellent...

Thanks, Dave and Amy, Hunter and Blake--for the lovely Christmas gift certificate for a dinner cruise on the Marina Jack II!

After waiting for weeks to cash in on the certificate, we thought we'd picked the perfect evening for the sunset dinner cruise on Sarasota Bay. We arrived early so we could put on a mile or two of exercise around O'Leary's before stepping on board to indulge.

We had the perfect table for two on the upper level--close to the captain, the bar, the head, and the staircase to the buffet below.

When we were invited to go downstairs (this picture was taken before the buffet doors at the back were opened), Captain Jack's dinner buffet featured mixed green salad, freshly baked dinner rolls, a vegetable medley, the chef's rice, peppercorn crusted prime rib, and grilled salmon with all the sauces and dressings. The dessert table included key lime pie, double-layered chocolate cake and New York cheesecake.

A toast to you from Grandpa Al!

The clouds moved in on the sunset but the cruise around Bird Key after dark was GORGEOUS. As if they knew we would come by for a look-see, the rich-and-famous homeowners on Sarasota Bay kindly left all their interior lights on...a parade of lights, boats, rooms, docks, pools, and towering windows. It was thrilling to see how the other 2% lives.

Thanks again for the lovely treat! We TOTALLY enjoyed it!!!!!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Adam Left Fighting For Air

Well, the 2010 American Lung Association Fight For Air Climb is done. I now know why they call it the "Fight For Air Climb." After completing the climb of 801 Grand, already fighting a cold, I found myself coughing and having trouble breathing. I was not alone; I guess the air was a little thinner and dryer up there. On the elevator ride down I really had trouble breathing. This is a photo at home with the finisher's medal. I will try to put a better picture on when they are available.
I completed the climb in 8:24, much better than my 10 minute goal. Though it was challenging, I highly recommend everyone take the opportunity to do a climb like this if you have the chance. It was very rewarding and a whole new experience.
I also want to thank everyone who contributed; overall we raised $585 for the ALA. If you would still like to contribute you can do so until March 31 or I just may do this again next year.
Thanks to: The Underwoods Grandma Bev Allen and Becky Ron and Linda Letnes Laura Aust Erik Lucs Stephen and Nancy Rolfsrud The Smiths Greg Menary Deval Shah Malvinder Singh

Snow Day

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