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Memorial Day Backyard Gathering

OK, so it's all about Landon for the annual Des Moines family gathering today...he's the newcomer to the gang.

He loves his Dear Old Dad already. They're just a heartbeat apart.

After lunch, he'd rather sleep...especially if Nana is supplying a baby massage.

OK, he's awake again...ready for the camera. Isn't he too cute for words, this little bit of aliveness?

Arrowwood Water Park Guy

This is a late post following Grandma Bev's 90th.

After 6 1/2 hours in the water park at Arrowwood, Hunter's skin was deeply krinkled. He and Grandpa Al played Horse for two of those hours.

Hunter Takes a Few Plunges

To top off his Grandma Bev party weekend, Hunter took a few rides at Mall of America's Nickelodean Universe. Here he is on the Log Chute ride.

This is a death-defying ride, the biggest plunge in the don't want to eat before you get on this ride!

This is the closest I could get to photographing Hunter in his car before taking off...that's him in the front seat, his face hidden by the fence.

Up, up, and away he goes...I couldn't catch another was all too fast. He survived this ride about four times.

After the rides, we dined out at the Rainforest Cafe...look for his menu review once we get back to posting it on Hunter's blog...along with a few other reviews from the Grandma Bev Party weekend.


Hunter and Dave went on the 34th Crossroad's Annual Fourth-grade Excellent Biking Adventure on Friday. CAFEBA. They road along with 75 other 4th graders, about 50 parents of fourth graders and a variety of teachers including all of the 4th grade teacher 8 miles to a park to play games, eat lunch then rode 8 miles back.

Even More Landon

Going Home!With the UnderwoodsWith his Hayes cousins; Joseph, Carson and Rece

More Landon

You knew it was coming, here are couple more pictures of Landon Jerdee.

Hunter Has His Own Blog

Check it out...Hunter has a BLOG for reviewing kids' menus in restaurants...he's busy dining out...

Grinnell Track Meet

Blake finally got the chance to run The Mile (actually the 1500m) in a real track meet this weekend. He started with a warm up by running the 800 m and placed first in his age group. Then he finished with another first in the 1500m. He is used to running a full 4 times around the track at school which is the real mile so he was not sure of the finish line. He ran right through the finish line around to where he started the race and when he didn't see anyone there he just kept running adding an additional lap to his run. He wasn't really tired when he finished, just wondered why he came in last when he thought we was doing so well. He is a hard worker!
PS It was mom's fault, I told him to look forward, don't pay attention to what is going on around you and focus on running. He finally listened to me. Maybe never again!

Welcome to the world, Landon!

Sorry for the delay, but we finally have a couple pictures to post here. Thanks for every's greetings and congratulations. We're very proud of our new little man. Landon Allen Jerdee was born at 8:26 am on Thursday, May 13th, 6 lbs 8 ozs, 18 3/4 inches long. Not sure if you can see in the pictures but he was born with a halo of blond hair. There should be many more pictures to come!

A Little Busy...

Adam and Kim are a bit tied up these days...after they leave the hospital they'll post a birth day report with pictures. The family is staying together in a hospital suite until Sunday.

What's in a name?

"Adam" means of red earth
"Kimberly" means from the meadow of the royal fortress
"Landon" means from the long hill
"Jerdee" means yard

Guess they're all related!

Blake's 1st Track Meet

Blake attended his first track meet at Hoover High (Des Moines School) this weekend. He planned to run the 400, 800 and 1500. He had to leave for a baseball game so he missed his favorite (the mile). He ran the mile at school in 6:28 so he wants to take it on the road and see how he does with other schools.

Here he is at the start with his competition.
This is the finish of his 800. He is on the heels of the third placer. He ended in 4th with 3:10.

Spring Classic Tournament

This weekend both the Rattlers and the Xtreme played in the Spring Classic Tournament. No photos for the Xtreme, but here are some from the Rattlers.

Hunter got three big hits in game one of the tournament.

They started the tournament playing a delayed game that ended just after midnight on Friday night (yes 9 years olds playing baseball after midnight). They won that one 16-2. The next morning Hunter started them off pitching against a tougher opponent. He was only allowed three innings (league rules). When he stepped out the score was 7-1 (Rattlers). Somehow things deteriorated and the game ended with an 8-10 loss.
That was enough to give them a #1 seed in the Championship round though so nothing was lost.

They got a bye in round one so they went into the second round game with a strong start. In inning three they were up 7-1, when thing fell apart. The second pitcher couldn't produce and the score turned upside down quickly. Finally, they put Hunter in to stop the bleeding. He did p…