Friday, December 28, 2012

Merry Christmas from the Underwoods

On our way to Florida we stopped in to check out the Liberty Bowl Stadium.

We got a front row parking spot for our fountain shot in front of the stadium.  We are looking forward to New Year's Eve when we will get to see our team win here.

The annual shark's tooth hunt continued with a very skimpy find.  There is some red tide this year and temps in the lower 70s so tough hunting conditions so far.

We have been spending a fair amount of time on the golf course.  Here we are at Venice East.  Below we are at Venice Lake.


We got out to shop one day. This is Hunter in his latest golf attire.  Above is the alligator infested waterway surrounding the Venice Lakes Golf Course.

We hope everyone had a great Christmas! 

Thursday, December 20, 2012

First Snow 2012 (as reported from the other side of West Des Moines)
It may have spit a few flakes a couple of other days, but this is the first measurable snowfall this season. The Underwoods live on the SW corner of West Des Moines and we live on the NE corner...looks like they may have gotten another inch or so more than we did.

Our tape measure says around 7 inches.

I think the driveway may have been a little deeper due to the drifting...and after one pass with the snow blower I think Adam would have agreed.

The first few hours of "snow" it was still above freezing so it came down very wet and heavy. There was a lot of tree damage at our house and on our street. My favorite lilac tree has been hard hit almost every time that there has been a bad storm over the past few years, and it wasn't spared this time either.
Boo hoo, a few of the larger limbs are split. A dead limb that was in the apple tree was also selectively removed. My snowball tree was bent in half, but those branches are pretty limber so it might come out ok.  

Through it all however, we know this is Winter in we keep smiling...

and we make "the BEST of IT!"


White Christmas and No School Today

I guess it has been a while since we have had a White Christmas in Iowa.  Seems like yesterday to us.

9.5 inches.

Monday, December 17, 2012

SouthEast Polk

Blake has been busy wrestling this fall.  His last tournament for 2012 was last night at SEPolk.  Every year he has gotten 2nd at this tournament.  This year he finallly came home a Champion.  He has to go 5 rounds to earn his title.

Here he is with his gold medal and card.  This was the first year they stopped giving out 3 foot trophies for Champions - bummer!

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Landon's Reindeer

Landon visited the reindeer at the zoo rather than wait in line for a photo op with Santa :)


Wednesday, December 12, 2012

A First Time for Everything, Landon Rollerskates!

Last Saturday Landon tried out roller skates for the first time...and it seemed like it was Mom and Dad's first time too! Landon does a good job of saving his money in his "Kirby" account at the local credit union. Saturday they held a free pizza and rollerskating party for the kids.
 Landon testing his balance, thankfully the wheels were pretty tight.

 A couple photos of Landon and Mom hitting the rink.
Landon and Kirby.
Another first, Kim's first BLOG entry! Adam finally showed me the easy way to do it!

Thursday, December 6, 2012

The Poet that didn't Know It

Blake's class put on a Poetry Cafe last Friday.  Here are three of his original poems below:

I Love Football
Football is my favorite game,
I love baseball just the same.
I play football in the rain,
When I play football I feel no pain.
Someday you will see my name,
Glowing in the Hall of Fame.

Snowman the Iowa State Fan
Snowman in the Iowa State stands,
Why are you a loyal fan?
What do you hold in your hand?
Wouldn't you rather play in the band?

Blake my bretheren,
Because the QB is my best friend,
I hold a sign that says "Iowa State to the End!"
I would play if my arm would bend.

Snowman in the Desert
Snowman in the desert
Why do you sweat?
What is that puddle around your feet?
Is that pee?

My silly friend,
I sweat from the heat.
No, that puddle is not pee,
It is a part of me.

There are many more.  Blake plans a poetry reading for our visit to Florida.  Get out the coffee and cookies!

Adam's in Texas

Adam's on business in Texas but found time in the evening
 to enjoy the sights of San Antonio along the canals.

These are camera shots sent by email...this is how the Lone Star state decorates a tree...
and how the canal looks on a water ride. Magical.

Snow Day

We've been waiting until now for snowfall that amounts to something measureable. The perfect day to put on a new pair of boots and cr...