Thursday, December 6, 2012

The Poet that didn't Know It

Blake's class put on a Poetry Cafe last Friday.  Here are three of his original poems below:

I Love Football
Football is my favorite game,
I love baseball just the same.
I play football in the rain,
When I play football I feel no pain.
Someday you will see my name,
Glowing in the Hall of Fame.

Snowman the Iowa State Fan
Snowman in the Iowa State stands,
Why are you a loyal fan?
What do you hold in your hand?
Wouldn't you rather play in the band?

Blake my bretheren,
Because the QB is my best friend,
I hold a sign that says "Iowa State to the End!"
I would play if my arm would bend.

Snowman in the Desert
Snowman in the desert
Why do you sweat?
What is that puddle around your feet?
Is that pee?

My silly friend,
I sweat from the heat.
No, that puddle is not pee,
It is a part of me.

There are many more.  Blake plans a poetry reading for our visit to Florida.  Get out the coffee and cookies!

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