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Landon's Trip to Target Field

Landon went to his first baseball game in style, at Target field on September 20. After a little family gathering at Uncle Virgil's on Saturday, a trip to the Minnesota Renaissance Festival on Sunday and a visit to Como Zoo on Monday we made our way to our hotel in the Warehouse District downtown then on to the Twins game. We were witness when the Twins beat the Indians 9-3. The next day the Twins clinched their division in the American League. Landon laughed, he cried, he peed his pants it was so exciting. Thanks to Virgil for hosting our Rolfsrud meet and greet with Landon.
Twins have a Bear (Cub?) mascot?

Happy Birthday, Amy!


A Belated Blake's Birthday Post

Becky here. Grandpa Al took 46 pictures at Blake's birthday so I needed to edit quite heavily. Uncle Adam, Aunt Kim, Landon, Dave, Hunter & Amy, Becky & Al were there with two of Blake's friends, Ethan and (little) Adam. Just posting pictures of the kids. It was a Scooby kind of decor with Scooby snacks at the end.

Hunter, (little) Adam, Blake, and Ethan...all very nice kids. They had a fabulous time playing Wii in the basement while the rest of us chatted upstairs in comfortable leather chairs. Landon often steeples his hands while he sleeps.

Little party pooper.

5K Race at Living History Farms/Dave's Birthday

We tried to do a lot of things all at once on Dave's birthday...mainly a 5K race run by Adam and Blake.  Our post-race party (picnic) table and food were supplied by Living History Farm's race organizers.  At six p.m. on the hottest day of the summer, some of us were stationed at the finish line while others of us hoped to catch a glimpse of our runners  as they pass us on the road.
Hunter and I model for shadow photos while we wait for our guys. It was Hunter's plan to spot Blake when he came by to support his effort by running alongside for a short distance.
Six seconds or so later, along comes Adam. At this station, it's just a half mile to the finish line...  I can't get there with my camera in time to catch our guys coming through!
So this photo at the finish line will have to do. Remember, it's the HOTTEST DAY of the summer, a hurtin' kinda day to run! Race officials blunt the pain with gifts of water and a handshake. The intercom calls out the names of runners a…

Day of the Dead Skulls

Becky here. A long story... For Christmas last year, Hunter presented me with a couple of specially selected gifts--skull-shaped soaps and a mold for making my own chocolate skulls. At school he'd learned about the Day of the Dead and,  at the Art Center in Des Moines, worked in the art studios on Day of the Dead projects. He learned that skulls and dying aren't all that bad--that some people celebrate the spirits  of those who've passed before us. In the Art Museum Store, he selected my Christmas presents.
I've been using the skull soaps all year...wrapping my fingers  around the smooth shapes of the skulls while I wash :) The mold package, with its hot pink paper back, has been lying in wait since last Christmas.  I brought it home from Florida and, at last, we put it to use!!!

We melted Toll House Nestle Semi-Sweet Morsels in my tiny crockpot and spooned the smooth liquid-y chocolate into the mold. Popped them into the freezer and then, this morning, popped them out of the mol…

The Big Game

Hunter and Blake are getting ready for the big game Saturday!  There is no question who their favorite is.

A Belated Birthday Post

By last Sunday when we gathered at Westlakes, Hunter was 10 years old. Blake came a bit earlier to do the decorating by setting up the pizza-party coffee table, blowing up balloons and hanging fripperies everywhere.

See that smirk on Blake's face?  These two rascals are about to unravel a few gags...that's because Uncle Adam (who thinks like a 10-year-old) brought along a fart whistle, a can of nuts that pops you in the face if you reach for a nut, and a fake ice cube with a bee in it to put in someone's drink.
Although it was Hunter's day, guess who got a lot of face time?

Hunter's looking a lot like his Dad in this picture... couldn't help but notice the well-defined cut of the chin and jaw.

After presents came ice cream cake--a regular cake cake is no longer an option.

Happy Birthday, dear Hunter! You're such a beautiful boy!

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