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He's Living History

Hunter will be part of history today. Mr. Wise's class is attending Living History Farms and its one-room school complete with lessons from the 1870s. They'll also go on a 300-year farm tour where they'll visit farms from 1700s thru the 1900s. To make the experience more authentic, they're wearing appropriate clothing and packing noon lunches of the time period.
To get started on the lunch project, Hunter and I visited the Brass Armadillo...
we were in search of a lunch carrying container
that simulated the metal lard cans of the day.
 Another option was a basket.  Hunter had $10 to spend. The Brass Armadillo is a huge emporium of small booths  manned by hundreds of antiques sellers. It's a daunting task to look at everything so we had our "eyes peeled" only for tins with lids of a size that would work for carrying a lunch.
After a quick pass through about 35 booths, we found this flour cannister. The price tag was $10. Just the right size.
We headed home with o…

Landon's First Birthday

We had a pretty busy weekend celebrating Landon's birthday. The first picture was taken Friday showing Landon is now able to stack his blocks three high. The second picture is Landon contemplating a football that was given by his cousins Hunter and Blake, who knows where that may lead... Next is a shot of his birthday cake, then a picture after he enjoyed his own (the picture missing from mom's series below). Last is a video of the cake eating ceremony. Notice that Landon was undeterred as the paparazzi flashes lit up the room. He did not disappoint the awaiting crowd.

How To Eat Your First Birthday Cake

Hey, what's this sticky stuff?
The more you touch it, the more it sticks...
Oops, whole chunks come off..
Not too bad, I think I'm diggin' it...
Might as well git 'er done!
Yep, I'm diggin' it alright.
Note: Landon's birthday is May 13... his first birthday on Friday, the 13th. A lucky day for us :)  We waited 'til Saturday, the 14th, when we could all gather to celebrate his big day.

Happy Mother's Day

Becky and her mom.                         image: Linda Letnes
Thanks for being my mom, Mom! Hope your day is great...see you on your birthday, Becky


Royal Poincianas reign...their blooms are 18 inches across. Glorious eye candy lording it over our humble little lawn.