Monday, February 21, 2011

Sunset Pancakes

Becky and Al here from sunny Venice, Florida.
The new Maxine Barritt Park makes it possible to picnic above the dunes in full view of the Gulf of Mexico.
We camped on this spot right about 5:30 p.m., set up our camp stove and made ourselves some pancakes while we waited for the sun to do its thing.
We forgot our lighter (senior moment) so had to run over to Publix~~quick-like.

Shadows began to fall across the table.

Then the sun peeked through the fence below the railing to illuminate
 our plate of strawberries and the benches where we observed the water
and all the people setting up their chairs for the big event of the day.

A Mark Rothko version of the sunset in process...

When the sun slipped over the edge of the world, everyone packed up...
the chill and damp would soon be back.
We packed up and were one of the last to leave the park :)
Wished you were there.

Saturday, February 5, 2011


Blake opted for the Newton wrestling tournament this weekend because they give the biggest trophies in the state. They were supposed to be 38" tall for 1st place. They looked more like 50" tall. Blake had to take home the second place trophy that was a mere 27" tall. We don't have a shelf that can hold a 27" tall trophy so I am really glad we didn't get the bigger one.

Here is a photo of him doing what he calls the barbed wire.

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