Sunday, April 28, 2013

Hunter Subs

Hunter played for the Lynx this weekend in two tournaments.  The first one was a one night, four team, two game tournament where they placed 2nd.  Hunter closed the first game with three up and three down.  It was the first time the Lynx had beat the Rockies.

The second tournament was the America's Game.  Hunter closed all but two games.  They had a tough batttle in both of the final round games landing them in 4th out of 15 teams.  Hunter hit two balls to the fence.  He didn't allow any runs until his final inning.

Next weekend he will be back on his regular team The Sticks Red playing in Bettendorf, IA.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Earth Day in Valley Junction

An Earth Day race attracted the Jerdee family to West Des Moines' historic Valley Junction today.

A big cookie for energy before racing.

 Landon ran the Kids' Race...

 ...smiling all the way.
 He likes to run like dear old Dad!

There's a medal at the end plus lots of adulation and a nice big drink of water  :)

The Jerdee family Earth Day portrait.

The little monkey with his monkey in a tree balloon sculpture.  
Sent to Nana who faithfully posts the excitement.

Solidarity Run and Camp Dodge Day

After running the Solidarity-With-Boston Run in Des Moines yesterday,
 Adam took his family out to Camp Dodge.

Photo from Des Moines news...he's the one with the sunny face, second from the left :)

Phone shot by Adam

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Captain Sticks

Amy sent me this photo during the tournament. No. 1 is Hunter, one of the two captains of the Red Sticks 12u major team. We get the stats via email as the tourney goes on today and tomorrow. I'm tickled because that Mr. No. 1 has the body and stance of his Uncle Adam.

They won this game 6-5.  Hunter got a triple and a couple doubles.

It's That Kind of Day

The Adam Jerdees are having a slow stroll through the inside of the Minnesota Zoo today. Staying warm, taking it easy... Like this g...