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Adam is Dopey for Beating Diabetes


About 2 years ago our nephew, Carson (son of my wife’s brother) was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. He had been struggling with health problems for a couple years until they found the cause when he was 3 years old. Also, in the last year a colleague at work discovered his son also has T1D. After this news and seeing the Team JDRF booth at the 2013 JDRF booth, I said enough is enough, I’m doing this. This is the best way I found I could contribute to a better life for Carson and others with T1D.

Recently Kim and I learned firsthand what it is like to care for a child with T1D. We had the opportunity to take care of Carson while his parents took a weekend trip. At first we were overwhelmed by all the details you need to watch: don’t let his blood sugar get too high, if it gets over 280 check his ketones, if his blood level gets too low he might pass out, give him some sugar, but make sure you enter the carbs in his pump, etc. All this seemed a bit much, especially since a 5 yea…

Happy Birthday, Lyle!!!

Landon, Kim and Adam are out in Guthrie Center this weekend.  Today Kim's Grandpa Lyle is 94!

He's had a stroke so they're very happy to be able to celebrate him today.

Phoenix Wood Bat Ball Buster Tournament

Blake's Mustangs played all weekend (12 hours) in a wood bat tournament.  The went away Champions.  Blake got to pitch the last two innings of the final game to hold them for the big win.  Congratulations Blake!