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Baseball Season is ON

The Mustangs traveled to St. Joe, MO for an indoor invitational.  They didn't win anything but they had a very different experience.  This is Western Missouri University Sports Complex. They played the tournament indoors on football turf.  Very weird experience.

Two Blondes and a T-Rex at the Science Center


Blake's Shiner

You should have seen the other guy!

Blake and Dave finished their wrestling season on Saturday.  Valley hosted a Multi Team Meet at Valley High School's brand new wrestling facility.  Blake is getting spoiled with is new wrestling room and work out facilties at Valley.  Best of the Best. 

The Valley Elite Mat Club hosted a big meet attracting the best wrestlers in the metro area.  Dave coached the Valley Elite team of 20 kids.  Blake was the 90 lber.  He went 3 of 5 for his matches.  The photo above was the result of his toughest match.  He said he barely remembers when the other kid's hand meeting with his eye.  It was an accident, but he still went home with a nice little reminder.

This weekend Blake has his first baseball tournament........

Free to Walk Alone

Grandpa Al doesn't need an escort anymore :) He can walk the street alone. On Monday, he'll wow the surgeon when he comes in for his final appointment.

Happy Spring, everyone!

Walking in the Moonlight

At 5:30 a.m., Grandpa Al and I took a walk under the crescent moon.  The temp was perfect, the breezes were whooshing through the palm leaves,  and my little flashlight lit the path.

Grandpa Al has graduated to the cane but we still have to be careful. We walked down to Tony's house, knocked on his garage door (just kidding), and walked back.
Is it time to buy headlamps?
Or tickets to London?