Sunday, October 17, 2010

Go to Hunter's Dining Out to see Des Marathon Photos

Final results of the Des Moines Marathon. If you want to see a report with photos you have to go to Hunter's Dining Out!


Pace: 9:53 Mile
Time: 30:38
Male Division Rank: 186/288
Age Div (14 and under): 23/34
Overall 315/783


Pace: 7:48 mile
Time: 24:09 minutes
Male Division Rank: 72/288
Age Div (14 and under) 11/34
Overall 80/783


Pace: 10:36
Time: 4:37:41

Whoo! Hoo! Good Job Boys!


Anonymous said...

Good job guys!!!!
Thanks for posting the results! We went over to Hunter's blog to see the pictures.

Love and admiration from the old folks in Florida :)

Anonymous said...

We saw Jim Barry after the race at Panera. He thinks you are crazy for leaving so early and missing this incredible weather we are having. Amy

Anonymous said...

Amy, Well we couldn't miss the incredible weather we're having here! It's been GORGEOUS since we and dry. great sleeping with the windows open weather.

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